The Stand-Down is a one day event especially for homeless veterans and provides access to the services of more than 50 community agencies that provide medical and dental services, hot food, clothing, medical exams, flu shots, haircuts, a community court (with judge), and a variety of supplies and information. The Stand-Down also provides day-long entertainment, including music, games, Karaoke, and other social activities that help the homeless veterans relax and enjoy the atmosphere of camaraderie and fun for the day. We serve hundreds of veterans and their families at this annual event, which serves as the door through which many of them can enter that leads to more profound service engagement and that eventually leads them back into self-sufficiency.
The 2018 Stand Down will take place on Friday, November 2, 2018 from 10:00AM - 2:00PM at 611 N. Flores. For more information, please contact (210) 354-4892.​
The formal evening that will bring caring service members and members of our community together for a greater purpose. Our goal is to provide an opportunity and forum for those who feel like they are batteling life's storms to know that they are not alone. In addition to providing entertainment for our honored guests, our focus will be to start a real conversation about the never ending issue of gun violence that continues to plague our communities.The IN FAITH GALA will bring light to the need to recognize mental illness early and take immediate action to reduce the tragedies that have become all too common. We may only make a ripple in a very large pond, but with your support we can make a wave. The IN FAITH GALA can be the catalyst that brings our community together for a better future. Please come out and show your support.

Businesses: Large Donations & Auction Items are welcomed. Please send email to [email protected] I will be happy to process your order and get you our donation letter. Please note; this is an Nonprofit event.

Individual: Donatons are welcome in any amount. Please Donate through our eventbrite ticket page. We would like to give you special recognition, by adding your name to our program. Please email us your Donation receipt with your name, address with Subject Title "We support In Faith". Deadline to add name is 10/13/2018 7pm