Passion Purses is a 501c3 non profit organization whos' mission is to serve and support young girls and women in homeless shelters, girls homes, refugee camps, on the streets and emergency shelters for women victims of domestic and dating violence, sex trafficking, domestic abuse, human trafficking, substance/drug abuse, low income in the U.S. and Africa. Currently registered in the state of Texas and Kansas. We seek to help transform the lives of young girls and women through providing donated sustainable feminine hygiene products, Bibles, toiletries and accessories inside of donated purses. ​​

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Up to 70% of women face physical, sexual, emotional, verbal, financial abuse by men in their lifetime. And 80% of human trafficking annually consists of women and girls.  And, in Central Texas, the fastest growing homeless population is women and children. Human trafficking in women and homelessness causes for a huge concern and many nonprofits help stop the homelessness, human trafficking and support the cause.

Many organizations help empower women despite the disadvantages society may grant them by teaching them leadership skills, offering counseling, and much more. They help to fight for the rights of women and for social justice for women, offering women the support necessary to combat issues like sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. Others provide places for people to be educated on the struggles women have faced in their history.

From domestic violence to economic equality to reproductive rights, women face struggles in many areas of their lives. There are thousands of organizations supporting women's rights and plenty of ways for all to get involved; we are getting involved!

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